Party branch year-end summary report over 2012

In the year of 2012, the Party branch of HDS has been founded, under the leading of organization department of Yangpu economic and developing zone, growing with HDS, they added a strong on the party flag by their practical action.
In this year, we are not only completed the productive task safely and smoothly, and also we founded the Party branch which provided a clearer developing direction for us .under the leading of Communist party, the company must grow bigger and stronger.  This birth and growing year must bring the prosperity for the next year.

Jan 18, 2013, HDS had made the Party branch year-end summary report

The meeting had been held in the Family of the Party Member in the afternoon. during the meeting, the deputy secretary of branch Mr. Hou represent the chairman Wu made the conclusion for the past year ,and deployed the work task for 2013. In 2013, the branch will continue to carry on the activities, making better performance of three meeting and one lesson, meanwhile, the Young pioneer post and the model party member post will be set up, combining the party construction with production and letting the party accelerates the development of HDS. We believe this model will combine the HDS with our party construction to make our branch to be the flagship in the private corporation in Yangpu.
In this meeting, each attendant make speech actively, proposing their wishes and suggestions for the branch ‘s construction, and taking a poll for the Shujie Yu to be member of party. Untill now, the branch already absorbed three party activists, the branch is growing stronger. in the working of coming days , we will develop more excellent employees to join our team and show them our progressiveness.
After the meeting, all the members gathered in Fusheng Restaurant to celebrate the past unusual year. During the regalement, the branch organized a game “Answer for gite”,and combined with the spirit of the eighteenth congress of Chinese Communist Party. Every body on the site has the chance to win the gift by giving the right answer to the question about eighteenth congress of Chinese Communist Party and follow the instruction to give a performance. All the question and instruction are challengeable, when the host read the tip, everybody like waiting for the sentence of their life. Easy question making easy pass, but some hard makes brave. The atmosphere on the site is going high and harmonious. Mr Liu Wenjun single kneed on the ground and sing a song for Miss Fan Wenjun and announced they will get married in this year; they got the best wishes from everybody.

2012 had past, and the challengeable year of 2013 already arrived. In this year, the branch will develop much better and win more achievements and contribute to the company.

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