Self-owned Production Chain, Win at the Starting Point

Handi Group started to be involved in lubricant field from 1990s. Its subsidiary Handi Sunshine Petrochemical Co., Ltd. researched and developed the advanced HYDROPURE refine technology, and in 2009 released the HYDROPURE base oil. It gained the trusts and cooperations from well-known lubricant manufacturers both in China and worldwide.
“Self production chain, win at the starting point”. In 2015, base on the sources from its strong upstream, Handi Lubricant started to join in the finished lubricant market. Released “Hydropower, Hydrodragon” vehicle lubricant, heavy diesel lubricant and industrial lubricant. Aiming to win the trusts from the customers through its stable and high qualified products, to improve the consumption experience of the customers.
On 14th Sep 2015, Handi Lubricant Technology (China) Co., Ltd. successfully held the New Product Release Conference in Beijing Kerry Hotel, which was named “Inherit the qualified production, Win the world’s lubrication”. This conference tells that the Handi Lubricant will inherit the advantage from its upstream – base oil, to achieve the aim of being “The Fourth Famous Brand” in China. The Standing Committee of the CPC Taicang, the Vice Secretary and the Deputy Director of Taicang Port Economic Technology and Development Management Commttee – Guo Xiaodong, Vice Executive Secretary of CAAM – Shi Jianhua, CEO of Huo’s Group and General Manger of Tongyi Lubricant – Li Jia, Beijing Representative of JAMA – Uneo Takaharu, guests from Infineum, Lubrizol, Afton and Oronite, and other guests from lubricant market, there were about 200 guests in total to witness the beginning of Handi Lubricant. Handi Lubricant Technology (China) released 14 products during the conference, which includes 11 Vehicle Lubricants and 3 Antifreeze Fluids, also announced that Handi Lubricant now coming into the Chinese lubricant market.

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