HDS Second TTT Course Successfully Completed


HDS second TTT course successfully completed on 28th, Oct. More than 20 supervisors, managers and key talents from various level attended the training.
Mr. Wang Jun,  Director of Human Resources gave a systematic lecture on TTT-Basic Skills through video presentation, picture showing, role play, in-site drilling and other methods.  The lecture was focused on three modules of quality of trainer, presentation skill and teaching method.
The trainees took turns to practice lecturing and teaching. Each has his/her own style with varied contents, incl.  personal interests, hobbies, small tips in life professional skills and so on. Everyone had the opportunity to present his/her best in assigned time. The whole training was well organized and trainees had deeper understanding about the roles and responsibilities of being a trainer and improved skills of training after first-hand experience. It also inspired everyone’s studying enthusiasm to learn and share.
Taking staff characteristics into consideration, this open training course was designed to enhance trainees’ basic skills and presentation skills.

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