HDS Annual Physical Examination Continues to Promote Corporate Culture Construction


HDS organized this years annual staff physical examination on 4th, Nov. Doctors form physical examination center of NongKen Nada hospital in Danzhou did the examination.
Different examination items are picked based on job positions this year, to ensure that each staff get comprehensive examination. The items of physical examination include blood routine examination, urine routine examination, electrocardiogram and so on. Nearly 200 staff received the examination. Each staff has his/her own health record and examination report and will be recommended for re-check in hospital in case of any abnormal test result. HDS advocates healthy lifestyle and life concept and encourages staff to have more physical practice in spare time.
HDS has been insisting on the people-oriented management concept over years, and taking employee health as an important content in corporate culture construction. Annual physical examination not only lets staff have a full understanding of their health status. but also reminds them to pay attention to their health and have early treatment in case of any disease. It makes staff feel the love of company and intensifies their sense of identity and belonging. 
It is reported this years physical examination has coved each employee and all the cost is borne by HDS. The General Department and HSE Department organized the examination together and were highly appreciated  their service.


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