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The first expert panel work meeting of China Engine Oils Standard Development & Innovation Alliance was held in Tsinghua University, on 10 Nov., 2016. The meeting was organized by OPCF-CSICE (Oil Products and Clean Fuels Branch of Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines) and participated by SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, FAW (China First Automobile Works), Weichai Power Co., Ltd., DFAC (Dong Feng Automobile Co., Ltd), FOTON, SINOPEC, PetroChina, etc. This is the first work meeting of the Alliance since its establishment in Shanghai in mid Sep. Handi Lubricant Technology (China) Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as co-founder of the Alliance.
(First Expert Panel Work Meeting of China Engine Oils Standard Development & Innovation Alliance)
Letters of Appointment were issued in the meeting. Mr. Wang Xiangmin, Technology Director of Handi Lubricant Technology (China) Co., Ltd., was appointed as expert of China Engine Oils Standard Development & Innovation Alliance.
Working process and rules of expert panel was discussed in the meeting. It is decided that expert panel should have control on key technical points during the process of standard development. Resolutions relating to standard development should be voted in the panel. The first target of the Alliance is also determined, i.e. to complete the research of China Engine Oils Standard System by the end of December, 2019.
Experts had profound discussions on key technical points and OEM diesel engine benchmark test, incl. HD DEO standard code for next generation, HD DEO standard framework, DEO benchmark test model, typical diesel engine principle and numbers of passed benchmark test, etc.
This meeting is an important step in the research work of China Engine Oils Standard Development & Innovation Alliance. As a member of expert panel, Mr. Wang Xiangmin, Technology Director of Handi Lubricant, had an intensive communication with other experts in industry and made constructive suggestions and proposals in the meeting. Technical discussions on DEO combined with development demand of enterprises inspired many insights which laid solid foundation for future standard development.
As a representative of domestic high-end lubricant brand, Handi Lubricant will leverage its strong upstream resources, inherit the qualified production and work together with other Alliance co-founders to lead the establishment, development and innovation of China’s independent standards for engine oils and to build a corresponding standard system.
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