HDP Phrase I Project Appreciated by Provincial Inspectorate


An inspectorate of 13 people led by Zhang Yunzhe, Research Fellow of Hainan Development and Reform Commission, and Ms. Zhong Li, Deputy Director of Hainan Provincial Department of Finance, accompanied by Cao Tong, General Manager of HDP, had an in-site inspection on HDP Project Phase I. The provincial inspectorate highly appreciated the Phase I project after field supervision and listening to the report of HDP.
  Mr. Cao Tong accompanies the inspectorate
Mr. Cao instructed the relevant information about Phrase I project to inspectorate in project site. He emphasized that 1,500,000 MT/year specialty oil plant and 150,000 MT/year pharmaceutical and food grade white oil project were invested and constructed by HD Group. The main facilities adopt the world most advanced UOP and Exxon Mobile processing technology .The project has been listed as Ten Key Important Investment Project. After hearing the feedback from the inspectorate, Cao committed that under the guidance of the inspectorate, HDP and the construction company would make concerted effort to complete the project on schedule and with high quality.
Mr. Cao Tong introduces Phase I Project
It is reported that the Phrase I project, which started on 15th, Oct, 2016 was estimated to complete at the end of 2018. The completion of this project will be the mark for HDP to become the largestChinese private enterprise in the field of specialty oil, which will further stimulate the economic development in Yangpu.
Huang Maocang, Research Fellow of Department of Land and Resources of Hainan Province,  Du Xingshuang, Research Fellow of Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Wang Jiayou, Deputy Research Fellow of Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, Yao Zhanxing, Research Fellow of Department of Ocean and Fisheries of Hainan Province and relevant officers also attended the in-site inspection.
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