HDS Management System Passes External Audit

The Final Meeting of 2018 External Management was held in the afternoon of 27 October, which symbolizes the successful concluding of external audit of 2018. Cao Tong, General Manager, Zhu Haiyi, Deputy General Manager of HDS, leaders of business lines and functions and Management System team participated the final meeting.


The 2018 audit was done by China Quality Mark Certification Group (CQM) from 24 October. During the 4-day audit, CQM had an overall review about the quality, environment occupational health and energy management of HDS Management System again national standards. The audit covered both paper check and on-spot inspection. Findings and corrections were provided by CQM. CQM gave the audit result on the grounds of all evidences that HDS Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Energy Management System is compliant with Quality System Standard GB/T19001-2016, Environment System Standard GB/T24001-2016, Occupational Health System Standard GB/T28001-2011 and Energy System Standard GB/T23331-2012. HDS passes the 2018 Management System Audit and was recognized by CQM audit team.

In the Final Meeting, on behalf of the whole company, General Manager Cao Tong thanked audit team for their efforts and suggestions and instructed all business lines and functions to follow up with the corrections items and close the gaps in required time. As for those departments that were not inspected in this audit, they were also required to do self-audit afterwards. HDS will pay high attention to those findings and keep on improving the management system to make it always up to date, efficient and effective. With the management system further improved and better implemented, HDS will realize a more standardized and effective internal management.

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