HDS wins Hainan patent award

In order to encourage invention and creation, promote the operation and protection of the independent intellectual property rights, and improve the ability of independent innovation in the whole province. On 17 th, December 2018, the award to the winners of the first Hainan patent was given by Provincial Intellectual Property Office (PIPO) at the launching ceremony of the 12th China patent week Hainan activity week. Handi sunshine petrochemical co., ltd (HDS) successfully won the gold award of Hainan patent.


With the theme of “cultivating high-value patents to promote high-quality development”, the activity week lasts from December 17 to 23 in Hainan. At the meantime, Hainan intellectual property exhibition、  dominant enterprises and enterprises with standards were held during the time. HDS showed its achievement in scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property creation, protection, operation and management in recent years.


HDS has always paid high attention to the technological innovation and constantly committed to the construction of technological innovation ability. She maintains the leading position in domestic special oil production technology area enhances market competitiveness and achieves good results. HDS has been awarded the National High-Tech Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, China Patent Excellence Award, China Industrial Product Ecological Design Demonstration Enterprise, China Patent Excellence Award, Hainan Province Science and Technology Progress first prize honors etc.

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